what to do in jinja – one cannot  fail to  figure  out what to do in jinja, the town is filled with multiple things that  can be done by travelers while on jinja tour.

Engaging in a jinja city tour can be a rewarding one, jinja also known as the   adventure capital of east Africa still stands out as one of the major attraction in Uganda. Jinja as an adventure capital, its locates on the white Nile at lake victoria, where quit many adventure can be found and experienced.  Here  a few will be mentioned,  they will give you an insight of more things you can do while on a jinja city tour.

Enjoy  the major activities  in jinja, but also bear in mind  that  an experience of the best water falls in jinja city will be short lived, due to the construction the of current Isimba dam which has seen a significant reduction on the best water rapids in east Africa.

The experiential white water rafting on the nile.

White water rafting in jinja is a  thrill, rafting itself is categorized under xtreme sports deeming it be an activity  one can to do to derive brevity.  You may get all soaked in water with a few flips of the raft  but  there is aguarantee that you can never forget the experience. White water rafting in jinja can be full day and half day.  Full day water rafting begins at 11:00am an end s at 4:00pm and half day begins at 11:00am and ends at 1:30pm. The rafting exercise starts  with  heavy breakfast at the rafting start  point to  give the members enough  energy  before they embark on the white waters,  later in you will have a surmising lunch while on the water.


white water rafting, what to do in jinja - select adventure safaris

Kayaking on  the Nile.

kayaking is another thrilling water activity, unlike rafting that has many people on the raft, kayaking beats the odds by only taking a single person on the kayak hence making it even more for the brave. kayaking require skill as movement of the kayaks may under go turns and flipping and it takes an experienced Kayaka to turn back to the right side.

kayaking on the nile - what to do in jinja , select adventure safaris

Incredible jet boat on the Nile.

This involves   taking  high speed boat on the Nile while hitting the water rapids, this is quit an unforgettable experience.

Sunset cruise o the Nile.

Take a Sunset Cruise with supper and drink at Jinja – basically a most pleasant ordeal while at Jinja on the White River Nile.

jet boat on the nile - what to do in jinja, select adventure safaris

Jinja house boat safaris.

Take a two-day houseboat safari on Lake Victoria – Jinja. An awesome method to unwind and relax in a most novel manner in Uganda. Fish, unwind, appreciate the view including angling towns along the shore. Two Crew individuals are ready – your nourishment is set up for you and you the houseboat can oblige up 8 – mull over best or beneath, two washrooms are accessible.

houe boat on the source of the nile - what to do in jinja , select adventure safaris

Nile horse back riding – jinja city tour.

Horseback riding safari along the Nile and there is even a medium-term horseback riding safari of two days – another approach to appreciate the Nile, visit Villages and villas along the way and take in the way of life and sights.

horse riding on the nile -what to do in jinja , select adventure safaris

Exciting  quad bike along the nile.

Off-road Vehicle Quad Biking along the River Nile taking in the sights and the nearby societies as you ride through different towns. Guests to Jinja discover this an invigorating knowledge.

quad biking in jinja - what to do in jinja . jinja city tour

Bungee Jumping.

Bungee Jumping, not for the weak hearted , anyway numerous travelers from time to time engae in the experience of  bungee jumping or plunging into the Nile River underneath. It is an exceptional ordeal for most. bungee jumping requires  taking a lip of  faith and believing that you can do it. bungee jumping in jinja is conducted by professionals who guarantee safety usually witnessed as you are being prepared for the thrilling event.

bungee jumping in jinja - what to do in jinja , jinja tours

Source of the River nile tour.

visiting the source of  one of the worlds longest river is perhaps and another exciting activity. it involves  checking out the where the nile begins from, boat cruises on the nile ,  visit to the local craft shops with the local cultural entertainers doing their thing of druming and dancing, view of the beautiful small island,  a view of the john Speke and Mahatma Gandhi statue and taking photos for memory purposes. Another experience could be visiting the source of Nile reptile park situated just at the source of the Nile, at the reptile park, you will see crocodile, snakes, monitor lizards, monkeys  and  cultural artifacts making the source of the Nile  complete experience.

source of the nile tour - what to do in jinja

Boat cruise to Samuka Island.
Samuka island is a small island on lake Victoria  famous for its get way treats, the island consists of a beautiful resort with a swimming pool  and other camping places  making it an extremely  ample place for camping, birthdays parties, hiking, swimming and any other get way. getting to samuka island is by boat.

a boat trip to samuka isalnd - what to do in jinja , select adventure safaris.


Popular jinja tour packages

1 Day jinja tour

This 1 day jinja city tour is a rich but brief one as it entails sezibwa falls, hiking mabira forest, source of the Nile tour, hiking and many more.

2 Day jinja tour

This 2 days jinja city tour bungee jumping & white water rafting safari offers you the best jinja carrying out the most thrilling activities to mention.