Volcanoes Rwanda national park
Volcanoes Rwanda national park is located in north western Rwanda bordering Virunga national park in D.R Congo and mgahinga national park in Uganda. Volcanoes is famously known to be home of the mountain gorillas which are exclusively found in Uganda Congo and Rwanda itself. Another of species of primate are the golden known for their shyness and enchanting golden color.
It’s also known to be home for eight volcanoes which include Virunga Mountains, karisimbi, muhabura, mount Bisoke, sabinyo and gahinga,
The park was created in 1925 as one of the small areas envisioned to protect the gorillas from the poachers who from time to time went to hunt down the huge primates this however made it to be the first national park to be created in Africa hence increasing on its popularity to the world there increasing on the visit to Rwanda.

volcanes rwanda national park
Volcanoes national advanced to be become home for America zoologist Dian Fossey whose name is remembered in the Rwanda history to date. She went to volcanoes in i967 and put the karisoke research center between visoke and karisimbi she spent most her time doing research on the gorillas and hence she is accredited for saving the endangered lives of the gorillas in Rwanda which was under threat of poachers and other complications like diseases. She was later killed in 1995 mysteriously by unknown assailants.
The park has got varied vegetation attributed to the fact that its located in the large altitudinal range from 2400m to 2500m, there exists the neoboutonia forest. From meters 2500 -3200 meters there exist the bamboo forests tasking thirty percent of the forest area and the plant cover from 3500 to 4200 meter is characterized by lobelia and from 4300- 4500 meters, the plant cover is grassland meadows, mashes swamps and small lakes.
The park is well known for being home to mountain gorillas. Other animals include the golden monkeys, the blank fronted duikers, bush backs, spotted hyena, buffalos it is also recorded that there are 178 bird species.