Uganda National Game Parks main access points.

National Parks in Uganda are generally situated in remote parts of the Country, making them untouched by any artificial modernity perfect for a satisfying wilderness safari game drive adventure thus a great destination for lots of marvelous Wild life from Africa activities for 1000s of mammal species, Primates, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians and beautiful Flora. These giving an awesome wildlife activities for instances amazing game drives, bird watching, nature photography, nature walks, camping, primates tracking, Mountaineering, traditional canoeing, hiking, sight viewing and lots of other fun filled activities.

The Game parks can be accessed through main game park routes these are basically not so known to a number of tourists that travel to Uganda game parks. Thus making their safari quite challenging to them. As Jewel Safaris top objective of ensuring that travellers achieve the best experience from there Africa wilderness Adventure we offer to provide all sorts of inform that a traveler might require to achieve a successful adventure while in Africa.

National Game Parks and their main access points.

Murchison falls National Park. “Worlds’ strongest waterfall”

 Located in the remote areas of west Nile regions covering 3893 Km making it Uganda’s largest park. Murchsionfalls National park is 305km from Kampala Capital city and can be accessed by its 6 main gates, with four gates in the northern sector of the park and 2 in its southern sector of the Park. The Northern sector has gates such as;

Chobe gate is located in the northern sector of the park accessible from Paraa and Karuma falls, it’s also near Pakwachi and just about 2 kilometers north of Karuma Bridge.

Wankar gate is also in the northern sector near Purongo just about 10 kilometers off the main road.

Tangi gate is situated in the past Northern region of Murchison falls national park, people going through Paara will cross the Nile with a vehicle ferry working throughout the day. Tangi gate is 110 kilometers from Kara Bridge.

Mubako gate can be accessed by crossing the Nile River from the Karuma falls bridge along Kampala Pakwachi road.

Southern sector has two gates which include;

Kichumbanyobo gate can be accessed through Kaniyo pabidi forest from Masindi town which is about 85 kilometers

Bugungu gate can be accessed through Budongo forest giving you striking views of the great rift valley, ranging Congo mountains and the splendid lake Albert. The gate is about 135 kilometers from Masindi town though it’s a longer route, but it’s the most magical with scenic views.

Secondary to travelling by road Tourists would opt to fly by chartered flights would opt for flying to Murchsionfalls and Landing in the established airstrips in the park such as;

Pakuba airfield in the northern side, Bugungu airstrip in the south and Chobe airstrip on the Eastern side.

Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo Valley located in the semi-arid Northern regions of Uganda is truly a fine remote African wilderness far from city centers just to tuff to reach at times in the rainy seasons one needs a very good conditioned 4×4 vehicle and proper road routes to reach the truly Africa wilderness  experience home to Africa’s finest wildlife. There are two entrance gates to Kidepo valley national park;

Lokumoit gates can be accessed by travelers from the southwestern side of Kitgum and Gulu

Nataba gate is the main entry point that connects to southeastern side.

You can fly by chartered flights to both Apoka and at Lomej airstrip to ensure comfort of our clients’ time and desire to have more time in Kidepo valley National Park as get an opportunity to experience the wideness of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park. “Maiden of Wonders”

 Named after the most powerful Woman for its beauty and out stand wildlife it possess Queen Elizabeth is a must reach destination one ought to add to their travel bucket list as key principle destination. Located in the remote regions of Kasese, Bundibujjo and Bushenyi districts covering 1987km. It can be reached through road and air transport means. There

Kabatoro gate can be reached from Lake Edward and gorge region.

Katunguru gate which is located via Kasenyi driving sector.

The Mweya Peninsular gate which is right near kasese main road

Kashoya Katomi Reserve gate alongside Katoke gate.

One can fly by chartered flight to Mweya, Ishasha and Kasese Airstrips from either Kajjansi or even Entebbe Int airport.

Kibale National Park. “Home of Chimpanzees”

The main attraction in Kibale Forest National Park is Chimpanzee trekking, habituation and filming from the park. The second main activity is bird watching at Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary”. The park can be accessed through the main gate of;

Kanyankyu gate that can be accessed 26km south East of Fortportal town.

Lake Mburo National Park. “Home of Africas Zebras”

Lake Mburo National Park is with 370 square km the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks. The main lake of the park is Lake Mburo. Here you can see many hippos wallowing in the water and the large crocodiles lurking on the shores. Birds include cormorant, fish eagle, pelican, heron and many more. There are two main gates leading into Lake Mburo National Park such as;

 The Nshara gate and the Sanga gate.

 The Sanga gate can be accessed from Sanga trading center which is about 14kilometers to the gate,

 The Nshara main gate is 8kms from the Kampala-Mbarara main road.

Semliki National Park. “Birder Heaven”

Semliki National Park is located in south western Uganda border with its borders extending into DR Congo and on the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. It is the only park in Uganda that is entirely located on 220 sq km of lowland landscape majorly covered in dense tropical forests of Ituri that extends from neighboring Congo, papyrus swamps, wetlands and Savannah grasslands. It’s well known for it Hot springs, Red Tail monkey tails, bird watching experiences, cultural tourism, forest camping experiences, botany adventure and lots of many other fun filled activities.

The Park can be accessed by road through the main Park Uganda wildlife headquarters game at Ntandi Gate.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. “Home of Gorillas”

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is in Western Uganda. Bwindi forest is popular for viewing mountain gorillas in the wild being home to over 340 Mountain gorillas. There are four main points from where you can do this: Buhoma, Nkuring, Ruhija and Rushaga .All the four sectors offer similar opportunities to see the Gorillas.

There are four entry points to which your park can be accessed these being;

Buhoma gate which can be accessed 17 km from Butogota.

Nkuringo gate which can be accessed from Kabale town which is 105km to Nkuringo main entrance.

Rushaga gate which can be accessed from Kisoro 45 minutes right from Kisoro Airstrip.

Ruhija gate is the closest for one whose itineraries continues to Rwanda as it next to Katuna boarder thus suitable for those to booking gorilla permits with in this areas.

The tourists can more so access the park by flight on chartered planes. To airstrips at Kisoro and also at Kayonza airstrip.

  Pian Upe Game Reserve. “Africa best wildlife Secrete”

The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is one of the most remarkable protected areas in the Karamoja sub region, Northeastern Uganda. It covers an area of about 2788 square kilometers which makes it the second biggest protected area in the country just after the Murchison Falls National Park in Northwestern Uganda. Having a remarkable population of unique wildlife around its regions these that guarantee its tourists a very unforgettable wildlife experience.

UWA headquarters are a few kilometers from Chepsukunya trading Centre which is found along Moroto Kapchorwa high way.