Rwanda Safaris Packages

Rwanda Safaris- Rwanda also known as the land of a thousand hills is located in East Africa, bordered by Congo  to the west, Tanzania to the West, Burundi to the South  ad Uganda on the North. Regarding  tourism, rwanda  is splendor filled the beautiful hills, natural forest the are still intact to date, national parks and many more. Rwanda  is considered one of the top primate tourism destination following the well known rwanda gorilla trekking at volcanoes Rwanda national park,chimpanzee trekking at   Nyungwe forest national park and wildlife viewing  at Akagera national park. other attraction include :the kigali city tour entailing the visit of the  genocide memorial site, local craft shops and other features that make Kigali quit an attraction, still within volcanoes Rwanda national park is the Ibylacu cultural villages where many of the travelers and cultural enthusiasts are immerse into the rich Rwanda culture. 

Rwandas gorilla trekking  activity is a huge attraction  which has seen  so many visit  Rwanda to enjoy Rwanda and  experiencing the thrill of  tracking the gorillas.


3 Days Rwanda gorilla Safari

This 3 Days Rwanda gorilla  safaris takes you  volcanoes national park  to do one of the most interesting activity which is gorilla trekking.

1 Day Rwanda gorilla trekking

1 day rwanda gorilla trekking safari
A 1 Day Rwanda gorilla trekking tours is shortest of the safaris in Rwanda, but I t guarantees you an opportunity to view the gorillas.

5 Days Rwanda gorill & wildlife

akagera safari-select adventure safaris
This   5 Day Rwanda gorillas and wildlife safari offers bits of the most amazing Rwanda safaris covering volcanoes national park to do gorilla.

8 Days gorilla trekking & hiking

This 8  days Rwanda gorilla trekking and karisimbi hike  Rwanda offers ample time while on trip to Rwanda indulging oneself in may.

4 Days Rwanda gorilla Safari

This 4 days Rwanda gorilla safaris brings more opportunity to spend sufficient time in Rwanda to derive the best of gorilla trekking safaris. 

7 Days Rwanda gorilla & wildlife

7 days Rwanda gorilla and wildlife - select adventure safari
This 7 days Rwanda gorilla & uganda primate, wildlife tour consists of multiples activities and many places to visit it include gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking FAQS

When is best to do gorilla tracking?

Each and every travelers dream is to the best of the gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda and one of the keys questions is when is gorilla tracking perfect to do? Well Rwanda mountain gorillas and Uganda mountain gorilla can be trekked all year round deeming it to be one of the most exciting and reliable tourism activity. But cab be preferably conducted during the dry months of June, July, august September, December and January. This is because during the dry months, the gorilla tracking grounds are not slippery and less inconveniencing for travelers.  NOTE volcanoes Rwanda national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest are tropical rain forest  hence not guaranteeing that it will not rain during the dry season  never the less one still has to be prepared to track gorilla even when there has been down pour.

what is the age limit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, uganda & Congo?

The get limit for trekking gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo is 15 years. In case one has to trek gorillas, they have to make sure they are 15 years and above this is because any one below 15 years of age is considered a child deemed unfit to track mountain gorillas.

 What do I need to carry along with me during gorilla tracking exercise?

Since  gorilla trekking conducted in forest areas, jungles its advised to put a trouser preferably thick, long sleeved shirts, gloves, hats, sun glasses, binoculars, hiking boots, insect repellents and some packed food and water.

How long is gorilla trekking.

Tracking gorilla in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo could take from 50 minutes to 9 hours, this is highly dependent on the movements of the mountain gorilla families you have been assigned to track from. Some mountain gorillas are highly mobile i.e. they move from one place to another rendering there tracking quit lengthy.

Travel Information

Brief information about Rwanda.

Rwanda is a little land locked country situated with in the confluence of east and central Africa, it’s a member of the east African community covering approximately distance of 26,340 sq. km. it consists of 5 remarkable volcanoes and approximately 23 lakes. A substantial piece of the nation has a rise of in the vicinity of 1,500 and 2,500 meters AMSL. With such it has given rise to several Rwanda safari /Rwanda tours activities.

In ancient circumstances as much as 33% of Rwanda was secured with montane rainforest. Today the main expansive tract of woods left in Rwanda is Nyungwe in the southwestern famous for a number of primates species to include monkeys and chimpanzee giving rise to activities such as chimpanzee trekking,  it covers right around 1000 square kilometers. A few territories of woodland are additionally found in the Volcanoes National Park in the upper east, yet the majority of the characteristic vegetation here is bamboo timberland and open moorland.

The large parts of the highlands in Rwanda are now being used for expansive terraced farming that gives the Rwandan wide open its lovely and charming character. The eastern piece of Rwanda has altogether unique vegetation, the common African bramble, a blend of savannah and field overwhelmed by acacia trees. Normal temperatures are between 24 – 27 degrees with the most sweltering months from August – September.

Languages spoken include English, Kinyarwanda and French  giving variety for  travelers  from different parts of the world.

in regard to tourism, Rwanda has from time to time  promoted its tourism industry highlighting an focusing on those single activities that stand out and those that make rwanda such a travel haven. the major tourism promotion focus on gorilla trekking in rwanda, chimpanzee trekking,golden monkey, birding and Congo Nile trail. the government is also ensuring  that government resources is are conserved to ensure that there is continuity.