lake kivu

Lake Kivu is located in the border between Rwanda and DR Congo lying within the Albertine rift valley. It pours into the Ruzizi River which flows south wards into Tanganyika. The lake rests on an area of 2700sq meters with 58% area being in DR conga and the remaining percentage of 42% occupying the Rwanda area. Its formation is as result of the volcanic activity that drifted the earths apart resulting to the formation of the Lake Kivu a rift valley lake. It’s deep ranking it on 18th world’s deepest lake, it also consists of beautiful islands and the most prominent one being idjwi and tshegera.

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the lake kivu Congo shore has population estimated to be about 2 million. With the economic activities supporting them being agriculture, food processing industries, plantation farming, fishing, mining, boat construction and apiary farming/bee keeping other tertiary businesses include restaurant, hotel, shops and many more this is eminent in the districts of Gisenyi, kibuye and cyangugu.
Tourism wise, Lake Kivu is one of the major destination for visitors on Rwanda safaris/Rwanda tours. This is due to the presence of several tourism activities and attractions. They include the sand beaches, activities such as kayaking, canoeing fishing, birding, cycling and surfing along the shoreline. The lake shore also consists of several animals like the hippos and crocodiles that several visitors like viewing, in addition the area also has excellent accommodation and hotel facilities like luxury lodges that give visitors the comfort hence making their trip to Rwanda worth remembering.
In the evening it also easy to catch up with the fishermen in their wooden boats to carry out fishing along with them or visiting the local resultants serving fresh tilapia on the shores of the lake kivu.