ibyiwacu cultural village - select adventure safarisIbyiwacu cultural center
Unlike any other cultural centers, Ibyiwacu cultural centers has what it takes to become traveler’s choice destination while on Rwanda safaris. Filled with a variety of indigenous cultural practices ranging from demonstration of Rwanda cultural wedding ceremony in full outfit, local dances and performances by the local performers, local handcrafted materials like wooden gorillas, baskets, curved walking sticks all made from the materials in with the park and several other gift shops dealing in hand made pieces.
Normally after doing gorilla tracking, travelers find it the most perfect place to visit as they relax from the vigorous tracking exercise since it with in volcanoes Rwanda national park proximity.
The cultural centers also employs up to 34 people the highest percentage being former poachers who made a living from killing animals in the park. After a long struggle and sensitization, they were able to accept to quit poaching and government set up the cultural center to provide employment to them.
The cultural center also offers accommodation to visitors who want to experience the true Rwanda cultures but all comes at a cost of 70$.