Game drives

 Atypical east African safaris is based on getting in the safari car to the game parks looking for the most perfect spot to view the wildlife as they go about their  business. Game drives are undeniably the high light of any safari in east Africa, they can last a day or an hours topped up with the picnic lunch while in the bushes.

Morning game drives.

Game drives have happen in the early morning and late evening, amid the coolest circumstances of the day when creatures are more dynamic. After an early morning reminder and a speedy chomp to eat, you and your guide will set off looking for the wildlife– elephants, giraffe, zebra or different herbivores perusing on shrubs or touching on the fields, or predators as yet feasting on the previous evenings execute. The evening game drives place takes after evening tea and this will come full circle with a standout amongst the most agreeable of safari conventions.

Evening game drive.

Night game drives are conceivable in private untamed life game parks or concessions. These drives offer a radical new measurement to a safari and permit visitors to encounter the riddles of the bramble after the dark – the opportunity to see uncommon nighttime animals, for example, the porcupine and aardvark, or impression a tricky panther or different predators that are sneaking around during the dark.

The Big Five.

 elephant, buffaloes , rhinoceros, lion and leopards– so named by the early big-game seekers in light of the fact that these were the most troublesome and unsafe of the creatures to chase by walking. Most safaris that we mastermind offer customers a great opportunity to see the Big Five, albeit nothing can be ensured with regards to nature. Be that as it may, recall, there is a great deal more to be seen and experienced on a safari than simply the Big Five.

Game drive vehicles

Game drives are usually carried by customized open-sided four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles – usually Land Cruisers, Land Rovers and safaris vans. They take a maximum of six visitors, which means everybody gets a ‘seat by the window’. The vehicle will be driven by the   safari guide there will likewise be a tracker, who always  seats on a special seat  on the front of the vehicle to give an additional match of sharp eyes and where it is less demanding to spot animal tracks out and about ahead.