The Congo Nile trail 

The Congo Nile trail may not seem as it sounds its location is neither in Congo nor on the Nile.  But its location is within the Lake Kivu shoreline in western Rwanda. It also considered one of those tough trails to challenge. It consists of several villages along, shops restaurants and many more. The climbs are minimal and the hills a few with the traffic on the road makes all the trail easy.

If one can manage the 5 days cycling along through the trail, it’s possible and recommended that you start from Gisenyi and travel south ward to Kamembe which is the eventual finish line of the trail, if do not have ample time you can start from Gisenyi and end Kibuve in two days. And it seemingly the most beautiful part of the trail. The presence of the 3 hour boat that moves from Kibuve to Gisenyi its movements is scheduled twice a week. This enables you to return the bike you rented for cycling on the trail. All the cycling trips can be arranged by our company.

 While on the trail, you can never run out of supplies as there the local shops and restaurants .But it’s also recommended to carry your own supplies in case you don’t want any disturbances while on the trail. The shops are accessible by just walking to them and asking for what you need.

Sleeping/accommodation while on the trail is also not an issue as there a number of campsites set up the Rwanda Development board. The campsite are well marked and one does not require an early booking. The distance between one guest houses to another is about 3 hours of cycling. The most challenging part of the trail is from Kinunu to Kibuye  as it takes 4-6 hours to cycle. There many guest houses along the trail they are clean and well managed. This is the trail while on Rwanda safaris/Rwanda tours because in involves an actual exploration of Rwanda with trips into Rwanda.

Recommended equipment for the 5 day cycling safari.

Small bike pump

Small water purifier bottle.

Extra tire and patch kit.

Head lamp, dust mask.


Sleeping bags.