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With all the expeditions one has to take on across east Africa, birding still stands out as a unique one. We work with several birding companies especially in Uganda which is considered a birders paradise. We also organize birding safaris the countries of Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. We liaise with several reputable companies to on ground whose expertise on birding is excellent hence granting out clients the best of bird watching experience.

East Africa is home to a variety of birds and out tours in east Africa support the viewing of several species.

 A number of first time travelers on safaris to east Africa focus mainly on the viewing the big five, and they don’t even release that east Africa is also endowed with several birds species hence making it a bird watches paradise. There is a lot to learn about birds besides just their spectacular colors it involves discovering their incredible nesting behaviors such as the hornbills, the creative making nest making tactics of the weaver birds indicates that there can be much more on a safari than just watching large mammals.birding safaris -select adventure safaris

While on the a safari, there are times when the larger mammals get elusive and the birds are everywhere and an interest in these amazing creatures  means there can never be a boring moment  on tour and while you are swung away watching the birds, the animals you traveled to watch make sudden appearance.

 For bird watchers, the best time to go is frequently amid the mid-year green season (when safari rates are most alluring), when a considerable lot of the immigrants are in east Africa and every one of the feathered creatures are wearing their delightful reproducing plumage.

 A portion of the prime fowl watching goals are additionally best amusement seeing areas, so you don’t have to trip to remote regions to make the most of east Africa’s birds life. In Kenya, the well-known Maasai Mara, which every year has the Great Migration, has more than 470 recorded bird species and Queen Elizabeth national park among others.

birding safaris - select adventure safaris