the akagera rwanda national park is located in the north east almost bordering Tanzania. Much as the park was founded in 1934 it was reduced by the local population and refugees who were seeking land for who were seeking land for agriculture in 1997 from the size of 2,500 sq. km to 1,122 sq. km which is its current size. With a combined efforts of the government, Akagera has progressively returned to it past glory.Akagera national park

The park was named after the Akagera river which flows along the eastern side and feeds in lake ihema the largest lake IN Rwanda .Akagera has go adversity of vegetation consisting of savannah, rolling highland, forests, swamp vegetation( papyrus )etc. making it one of the most unique places  in Africa and the world over .

  This unique national park chains up with nyungwe forest national and volcanoes national park to offer travelers on trips to Rwanda the most amazing Rwanda tours this is as result of the presence of species such as the sitatunga, the shoe bill stork, on the plains there exist elephants, duikers, topi, zebras, waterbuck, roan antelope, oribi, velvet monkey, impala buffalo and primates like the olive baboons, secretive blue monkey bush babies always seen at night.  

Lastly but not least, the larger predators such as the lions, hyenas, leopard, side -striped have just been re-introduced in the park following their depletion in the park as result of the wars that had taken place in Rwanda.  The plans of introducing the rhinos are also on going.

The availability of several habitat have also favored the presence   of several bird species amount to 500. With of course the elusive shoe bill stork being the most searched for in the papyrus areas, grey heron, king fisher and so many more.