15 interesting facts about Rwanda

15 Interesting facts about Rwanda.

15 interesting facts about Rwanda: Rwanda is a landlocked country located in the east African part of Africa. It covers an area of 26,338 square miles and is commonly known as “the land of a thousand hills”. Rwanda borders DR Congo in the west, Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the north and Burundi to the South. Let’s look at some of the interesting facts about Rwanda.

  1. Rwanda is home to 23 lakes and numerous rivers. Some of these include, Lake Kivu, Lake Muhazi, Lake Ihema and many more
  2. Rwanda has 5 volcanic mountains. These are Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo, Muhabura and Gahinga. Karisimbi is the tallest and stands at 4507m above sea level
  3. The capital city of Rwanda, Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa. This was because the government successfully implemented the ban and use of plastic and polythene in the country
  4. Rwanda experiences moderate climate with temperatures of 25-30 degrees during the day and 15 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
  5. Rwanda has 3 national parks; Akagera national park known for the big 5, Nyungwe forest national park known for chimpanzees and other primates and Volcanoes national park home to the mountain gorillas
  6. The country uses drone for medical services like blood delivery to emergency situations.
  7. The Rwanda army (Rwanda defense forces) are the most professionally respected peace keepers in Africa. They have attained this through their professionalism in peace keeping missions.
  8. Rwanda has the highest number of women representation in parliament with over 60% members as women.
  9. In Rwanda, the president as well as the general population participate in national services activities known as “Umuganda”. This takes place every last Saturday of the month
  10. According to World Bank’s report, Rwanda is the 2nd country in Africa to do business in with global business registration done in 48hours.
  11. Rwanda is home to Smart Africa alliance.
  12. The country has used technology to extract methane gas from Lake Kivu which it uses for energy
  13. The country leads Africa in technological revolution with services like tax and fine payments, institution services and business registration done online.
  14. Rwanda is considered to have some of the fastest internet connectivity in Africa with fiber optic cables being laid across the country
  15. Rwanda offers a variety of tourism sectors like wildlife tourism, cultural tourism. Medical tourism, dark tourism, religious tourism and many more.

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